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The Green Square Mile

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One of our objectives is to connect local sustainability issues with a broader, global programme that helps instigate long-term, sustainable change for our planet. This is why we have established the Green Square Mile, to help preserve and enhance global biodiversity hotspots around the world.

Through Creating Sustainable Cities we will raise funding for Green Square Mile projects, which are designed by the world's leading conservation charities. Each project protects an area of vital habitat that is at least one square mile in size, helping preserve our planet's most endangered species.

We encourage Members of Creating Sustainable Cities to select one of our Green Square Mile charities to support as there official charity, helping to raise much needed funding for their work. In addition every Membership or Partnership over £5,000 we donate 20% of the costs to conservation work.

We also encourage Members to identify how they could offer in kind support to our Green Square Mile programme - whether that be supporting a community in a project area by donating some equipment or technology, or by enabling a charity to host an event at your offices. Everything helps.



Images courtesy of Tusk, Fauna & Flora International, Galapagos Conservation Trust and Helping Rhinos.

We are incredibly fortunate to work with some of the world's leading conservation charities, including Tusk, Fauna & Flora International, Galapagos Conservation Trust and Helping Rhinos. Each Green Square Mile project is designed directly with one of our charities and works to protect a biodiversity hotspot that is at least one square mile in size, whilst helping local communities close to the project area. Each conservation project costs a total of £75,000 to fund, with all money raised for our CSR programme going directly to our conservation partners. With your help we can make a positive difference around the world. 



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