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In 2014, Southend on Sea Borough Council became one of the first local authorities in England to publish a stand alone Low Carbon Strategy.

This document is their second strategy, outlining their aims and objectives over six distinct focus  areas. 

Each year Southend on Sea Borough Council publishes an annual Low Carbon Energy and Sustainability Report to demonstrate their progress and ensure that residents, local communities and businesses are kept updated on their work.

In 2016, Southend on Sea Borough Council's Energy & Sustainability Manager, Jeremy Martin, provided a talk at Creating Sustainable Cities, based on how the Council were delivering its ambitious carbon reduction programme.

"no matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world"
Robin Williams


Southend on Sea Borough Council is a dynamic and forward thinking unitary local authority in south Essex, located 40 miles to the east of Central London on the Thames Estuary. At 16.1 square miles it is the largest conurbation in the East of England with a population of 178,700 people, which also makes it one of the most densely populated. 

The town has seven miles of beaches and coastal nature reserves and a thriving coastal tourism economy. In 2016 it was named as the 'greenest' location in the UK Vitality Index - an annual assessment on the health of every large town and city outside of London, and was the first local authority in England to secure finance from the Green Investment Bank to fund a multi-million pound LED street light replacement programme of 15,000 street lights - resulting in 59% energy savings. 

Southend on Sea Borough Council has ambitious plans around creating a sustainable urban landscape, which places carbon reduction and energy efficiency at its centre. By taking a positive approach on this agenda the Council hope to provide a more vibrant and sustainable future for all of their residents, local communities and businesses. 



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