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Creating Sustainable Cities is an Ibex Earth led initiative that has been designed to secure £100 million worth of funding that will be used to deliver and finance 'sustainable city' projects. To date, we have secured £39.5 million to spend on sustainable energy, plastic pollution and climate change adaptation projects across urban landscapes. This is only the beginning of our work.

Our Members will play an important role in shaping the future direction of Creating Sustainable Cities, helping to identify key focus areas and our funding priorities. Essentially Membership to Creating Sustainable Cities is by invite only and opportunities are strictly limited in order to ensure maximum return for each of our Members.


Becoming a Member gives you direct access to our Creating Sustainable Cities working groups (energy & finance, urban greening, plastic & waste, and driving innovation), where you gain instant access to a dynamic leadership network of organisations from the public, private, third and academic sectors.

You also gain the following benefits: 

Membership Exclusivity

Membership is strictly limited in terms of the numbers or organisations involved. This is to ensure that we focus our work on delivering opportunities for each of our Members. Accordingly each working group consists of a maximum of 6 local authorities, 3 academics, 2 NGOs and a total of 4 SMEs. Each working group is backed by a small number of 'corporate sponsors' that help to fund dissemination activities across the UK's urban landscapes.

You are in Control

We want to find new solutions, approaches and innovations that can help overcome common urban challenges that matter to the UK's cities and towns. That is why we put our Members in control of the future direction of each working group, ensuring that our work is always Member led, whether that be future publications or tailored training events on specific topics. Each working group meets twice a year at a roundtable event to discuss progress and identify key areas of interest to explore.

Funding Opportunities

Our overriding objective is to help facilitate and secure £100 million worth of funding to deliver 'sustainable city' projects. We have already secured £39.5 million and our Members will always be the first to benefit. This can include participating in funding bid consortiums, gaining access to new 'sustainable city' projects and being the first to hear of any future procurement and tender opportunities through our work.








Direct access to a leadership network of organisations from the public, private, third and academic sectors that are committed to delivering more sustainable cities.

Attend two annual roundtable events for the working groups (energy & finance, urban greening, plastic & waste, driving innovation), designed to provide insights into new opportunities.

Take part and join funding bid consortiums, gain access to

new sustainable city projects

and receive notification of

future procurement and tender opportunities.

Contribute and become a named sponsor in our publication series and speak at an annual seminar held in London. We can also promote your own events and publications via our network.

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