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We have selected 15 local authorities in England to join Creating Sustainable Cities and act as the focal point for the delivery of our sustainable city projects. By working directly with County, Borough and District Councils we have been able to better understand the common challenges that our cities and towns are facing. 


It provides a fantastic platform to identify and implement sustainable solutions across a real life urban landscape, enable our Members to further develop their understanding on topics ranging from how sustainable energy deployment can be accelerated, how can air and water quality be improved and what are the most effective steps of preparing our cities and towns for the future impacts of climate change.


We have selected local authorities that have shown a genuine ambition of becoming a sustainable city and can be considered leading organisations within a specific field, for example delivering energy efficiency programmes or deploying green and blue infrastructure. Essentially, each local authority understands the value and benefit of sharing and disseminating their knowledge and helping the UK's urban landscapes to drive sustainable innovation.

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"there's a way to do it better - find it".
Thomas Edison
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